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性能特点  Features

6  8  10头圆弧抛光机根据广大客户的经验和提出的建议并集各厂家的圆弧机优点,专门研造而成的一种新型设备。


6  8  10 head arc polishing machine according to thecustomer experience and recommendations made bythe union of the manufacturers of arc machine has theadvantages of, specialized in research and

manufacturing and become a kind of new equipment.Thedevice has the advantages that the utility model is

polishing grinding head can be hand / automatic control,swing frequency. Pneumatic pressing wheel. The use ofimported bearings. Electrical appliances, stainless steelscrews. Due to mechanical functions, convenient

operation, professional polishing, stair step foot line, 45degrees bevel etc.. Running smoothly, small vibration,low noise, high processing speed, low processing cost,the overall design is elegant, by the majority ofcustomers.

Before and affter the FH-800-1200 CNC three knife infront plus a chamfer feature,which allows one toopentwo tiles directly processed into finished products


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